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Ethical Hacking & Digital Forensics

Dive into the world of ethical hacking and digital forensics with hands-on training and techniques.

Duration :45 Days


Registration Start : 1-Apr-24

Registration End : 15-Apr-24

Class Start : 20-Apr-24

Certified SOC Analyst

Specialized training to become a certified SOC Analyst equipped to handle security operations.

Duration :2 Months


Registration Start : 1-Jul-24

Registration End : 15-Jul-24

Class Start : 20-Jul-24

Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering

Gain expertise in analyzing and reverse engineering malware for proactive security.

Duration :1 Month


Registration Start : 1-Nov-24

Registration End : 10-Nov-24

Class Start : 15-Nov-24

Application Security (Web & Mobile)

Learn techniques to secure web and mobile applications from vulnerabilities and breaches.

Duration :1 Month


Registration Start : 1-Jan-25

Registration End : 10-Jan-25

Class Start : 15-Jan-25


Hands-on training in penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen defenses.

Duration :1 Month


Registration Start : 1-Mar-25

Registration End : 10-Mar-25

Class Start : 15-Mar-25

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