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Specialized Services

Cyber Crime Investigation & Digital Forensics

In this digital era, the number of cyber crimes has increased rapidly. About 2328 attacks happen each day. A total of 800,000 cyber crimes occur in a year. These shocking numbers have led to the development of cyber crime investigation and digital forensics. Cybercrime investigation helps to bring collect evidence to bring justice by prosecuting criminals.

Finding the right cyber crime investigator and digital forensics expert is difficult. At Tech Defense Labs, we aim to provide you with the best cyber crime investigation and digital forensics service in one place.

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Our Approach

Advanced Investigation

With years of experience handling cybercrime investigations, our investigators help investigate cybercrime attacks. We evaluate the damage caused to your sensitive data; to further suggest changes and identify cybercriminals, providing an in-depth report about the cybercrime investigation.

Evidence Collection and Forensic Analysis

Our cyber security analyst and digital forensic experts examine your organization's computers, mobiles, and systems for forensic examination. We check encrypted data, digital media, and other networking channels to collect evidence for submission in court.

Risk Mitigation

With hands-on experience, our experts assist in putting additional security measures to evaluate and assess potential risks and data breaches. By mitigating risk, we enable your organization to minimize cybercrime attacks and threats to your security systems.

Our Promise

Strong Domain Expertise

We have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the cybersecurity domain, and we have the experience to provide your organization with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.


Our team has a hands-on, research based approach when it comes to detecting cybersecurity attacks or providing solutions.

Renowned Industry Professionals

We have the best in class industry professionals, and we have served big corporate giants like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo by detecting loopholes and vulnerabilities in their cybersecurity systems.

Trusted by top brands