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Security Assessment Services – OT

OT / ICS Cyber Security Assessment

Did you know 2,200 cyber attacks occur each day? These attacks leave companies vulnerable to data breaches resulting in million-dollar losses. But you have the power to stay one step ahead and protect your data and privacy by choosing the right security assessment service.

At Tech Defence Labs, we analyse and protect your digital assets. You are one click away from choosing your reliable cybersecurity companion.

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Understanding System and Vulnerabilities

At Tech Defence Labs, we conduct a thorough system analysis to understand the infrastructure and vulnerabilities of your company’s OT/ICS system. This helps to comprehend the existing security measures. Assessment of vulnerabilities helps to recognize the gaps that make systems an easy target for cyber attacks and data breaches. With regular system analysis, we recognize the weakness of the system to provide a better defence mechanism.

Risk Assessment and Analyses

Our team analyzes your OT/ICS systems to identify potential risks using advanced techniques and robust technology. We understand the key weaknesses of your system to deal with internal and external risks. A risk assessment is performed to discover the possibility of cyber attacks in order to provide better security. We conduct rigorous testing for robust technology.

Network Security and Segmentation

Our experts perform network security checks to assess existing network defences to safeguard your systems against cyber threats. Afterwards, we recommend additional changes for network segmentation to protect OT/ICS systems from insider attackers and reduce the attack surface in case of cyber attacks. Conducting network security checks and network segmentation helps to create a better and optimized network defence architecture.

Our Approach

OT Asset Inventory

Gain control and visibility over your operational technology (OT) assets with our cutting-edge OT Asset Inventory solution. Streamline asset management, enhance cybersecurity, and ensure optimal performance. Elevate your industrial infrastructure with our robust and intuitive platform. Explore the future of secure and efficient operations with us.

Network segmentation review

Enhance your cybersecurity with our expert Network Segmentation Review. Our comprehensive analysis ensures a robust and tailored network structure, minimizing vulnerabilities. Trust us to fortify your digital defenses and safeguard your valuable assets. Elevate your security posture with precision and confidence.

Security device configuration review

Optimize your security infrastructure with our Security Device Configuration Review. Our experts fine-tune settings to ensure peak performance, identifying and eliminating potential risks. Stay ahead of threats with a customized, resilient configuration that aligns perfectly with your business needs. Elevate your defense strategy effortlessly, securing your digital assets with confidence.

Threat detection by tapping into the production ICS network

Unlock unparalleled threat detection capabilities by seamlessly tapping into your production ICS network. Our cutting-edge solution provides real-time insights, empowering you to identify and neutralize potential threats with unmatched efficiency. Stay steps ahead in cybersecurity, ensuring the resilience of your critical infrastructure. Trust us for proactive defense in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Vulnerability assessment

Supercharge your cybersecurity with our streamlined Vulnerability Assessment. Uncover and eliminate potential threats swiftly, ensuring your digital fortress remains impenetrable. Stay ahead of risks effortlessly with our expert analysis, fortifying your defenses for a resilient and secure digital future.

Final Report & Presentation

Experience excellence with our Final Report & Presentation services. Elevate your insights through concise and impactful documentation, coupled with compelling presentations that captivate your audience. Trust us to deliver a polished and comprehensive conclusion to your projects, leaving a lasting impression of professionalism and expertise.


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We have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the cybersecurity domain, and we have the experience to provide your organization with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.


Our team has a hands-on, research based approach when it comes to detecting cybersecurity attacks or providing solutions.

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We have the best in class industry professionals, and we have served big corporate giants like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo by detecting loopholes and vulnerabilities in their cybersecurity systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An OT/ICS Cyber Security Assessment is crucial for your organization as it helps identify vulnerabilities and potential risks in your operational technology and industrial control systems. By conducting an assessment, you gain valuable insights into your system's security posture and can take proactive measures to protect against cyber attacks, data breaches, and potential financial losses.

OT (Operational Technology) refers to the hardware and software used to monitor and control physical devices and processes, such as industrial machinery, manufacturing equipment, and infrastructure. ICS (Industrial Control Systems) are a subset of OT that specifically focus on controlling and managing industrial processes. In summary, OT is a broader term that encompasses ICS.

It is recommended to conduct regular OT/ICS Cyber Security Assessments to ensure ongoing protection. The frequency depends on various factors such as the level of system complexity, industry regulations, emerging threats, and changes within your organization. A periodic assessment, combined with continuous monitoring, helps maintain an effective security posture.

OT/ICS systems face various risks and vulnerabilities, including outdated software, unpatched systems, weak access controls, insufficient network segmentation, lack of encryption, social engineering attacks, and unauthorized physical access. These vulnerabilities can expose your system to cyber attacks, unauthorized manipulation, or operational disruptions.

At Tech Defence Labs, we employ advanced techniques and robust technology to identify and analyze risks in OT/ICS systems. Our experienced team conducts thorough system analyses, vulnerability assessments, and risk assessments using a combination of automated tools and manual investigation. It enables us to uncover weaknesses and potential entry points for cyber attacks.

The duration of an OT/ICS Cyber Security Assessment varies depending on the size and complexity of your systems. It can range from a few days for smaller environments to several weeks for larger or more intricate systems. At Tech Defence Labs, we tailor our assessment process to meet your specific requirements while ensuring a thorough and efficient evaluation.

Tech Defence Labs understands the criticality of your operations and ensures minimal disruption during the assessment process. Our team employs non-intrusive methods to analyze your systems and minimize any impact on day-to-day operations. We work closely with your organization to schedule assessments at convenient times and prioritize the smooth functioning of your critical processes.