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Security Assessment Services

Server and Endpoints Hardening

Server and Endpoints Hardening is a crucial component of our System Hardening services, specifically designed to fortify your servers and endpoint devices against potential cyberattacks.

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Our Approach

Security Assessment Initialization

We commence with a thorough analysis of your organization's servers and endpoints, identifying potential vulnerabilities and weak points within your IT infrastructure.

Firewall and Access Control Setup

Our experts establish robust firewalls and access control mechanisms, fortifying your systems against unauthorized access while ensuring that only authorized personnel can access crucial resources.

Application of Security Patches

We consistently keep your systems up to date by applying the latest software patches, ensuring that your servers and endpoints remain resilient against emerging security threats.

Unnecessary Software Removal

A meticulous review identifies and removes unnecessary software and applications, streamlining your network and minimizing potential avenues for attackers to exploit.

Inventory Management and Monitoring

Our continuous vigilance involves regular monitoring and management of your network's assets, ensuring any changes are promptly detected and potential risks are mitigated.


Hardening Plan and Recommendation

Baseline Configuration Documentation

Patch Management Strategy

Endpoint & Server Hardening Scripts for different OS

Hardened OS Images

Recommendations & Remediation Guidance

Our Promise

Strong Domain Expertise

We have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the cybersecurity domain, and we have the experience to provide your organization with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.


Our team has a hands-on, research based approach when it comes to detecting cybersecurity attacks or providing solutions.

Renowned Industry Professionals

We have the best in class industry professionals, and we have served big corporate giants like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo by detecting loopholes and vulnerabilities in their cybersecurity systems.

Trusted by top brands