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Web Applications have been the center of all communication nowadays and are utilized all the time. Security breach and loopholes in the very first layer which can withheld crucial data, reports, information and can also interact easily with servers is a big threat to any organization.

Web application being prone to the outside world, there is a constant shift of battle between web developers and attackers, who not only find loopholes but use them to exploit confidential information for ransom.
Web applications are widely engrossed inside organizations to perform multiple business functions, thus prompting the hacker's focus to a lucrative and bigger security domain. Thus, web application security is of prime importance for sustainable and secure business growth..

Our Approach:

TechDefence approach towards web application testing is multi-fold and simultaneous penetration using the tools and proprietary platforms developed by the strong R&D innovators of TechDefence following in complete synchronism with manual testing driven by cyber security experts and sleuths thus pin pointing each and every area of vulnerability twice.

TechDefence generates an approach of the thinking that “The one, who knows system from the inside, can attack it best from the outside.” A thorough and complete scanning of your systems is done by our tools and experts. The vulnerabilities in technical as well as business logic are targeted and flushed out completely before the organization for review. We take ownership of your system and its flaws as our own and work in tandem to generate the best and secure most solutions.

Deliverables: What do you get?

We provide summary reports along with the following deliverables:

  • A confidence, established in organization of a secure and efficient system.
  • Application developed with highest security standards engulfs trust from partners and stake holders.
  • External auditors and top management can always rely and be content by proving that the initiative for best security system is in place has been taken.
  • A certificate which will show that your web application is complaint and safeguarded to all attacks and male-ware.
  • Our penetration testing will scour through your application environment to even identify potential risks and take necessary actions.

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