The basic of any application, or any script or any real time entity dealing with huge transactions of information and data is always the source code sitting at the very roots.

The basic flaws in logic, algorithm and then programming stages are reflected in the source codes which run the entire systems. Such small flaws at the basic level can always get amplified and provide a scope for a permanent incurable loophole which may go unnoticed even if exploited.

TechDefence urges for source code review to establish the strength in the very foundation of any application or environment which is going to be heaved upon with information for the next coming years.

Our Approach

TechDefence establishes an approach developing similar platforms within the proprietary tools developed and then attacking and reviewing each vulnerability as a separate entity, linking it with the source code. AT the end, combing all these vulnerabilities, the team comes up with a plan for preparation of source code with modifications.

Thus the source code goes through multiple testing cycles, and reports are generated every time as refined source code is produced with no vulnerabilities in the basic structure, logic, algorithm or programming.


  • TechDefence review shall help develop future expansion of applications which will be inherently secure.
  • Application reliability shoots up and cost lowers down as the requirement of external tools for protection from attacks is reduced drastically as the code is improved and furnished at the very basic level.
  • Our test reports and summary will have different viewpoints to be taken care for developers, executives, involving screenshots and remedies.

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