Network Penetration

Application layer or in general the web and mobile applications are the face of the company. Security for both of them is a must and should be highly prioritized.

The network or the framework which always resides at the back end and supports the entire organizational structure is the back bone of the business analytics and communiqué of the company. The backbone in severe most conditions can crash complete systems and hang the business in a stand still mode for several hours to a few days.

The dependency on the network is huge and so is the task of securing the network. TechDefence provides security solutions in network penetration testing which regulates and protects the back bone for any business.

Our Approach

TechDefence provides the customer or the end user with the understanding of the network system and why it is so crucial for safeguarding the network. It is their second and last wall of defense from a targeted information theft attack. And hence primary importance on understanding its value and repercussion is a must.

TechDefence creates an in-depth map of the business work flow logic and of the network thus simulating the actual conditions before actually probing in to the network. Studying the topologies, experts at TechDefence are articulate in creating well designed and structured logics or specific test cases, only for the system for better and précised penetration testing. We select the ideal combination of tools, platforms backed up with experts for manual auditing.

TechDefence inculcates a culture among the top management for taking decisions for information security with a discrete, viewpoint based philosophy which makes future system growth rapid and stable.


We provide summary and testing reports along with the following deliverables:

  • Our detailed reports will be the guide for step-by-step POC and an in-depth view of detailed information for bug fixes, code review and configuration examples.
  • Intelligent testing system which will select the best combination of tools for continual network monitoring during penetration and act as a secondary protection for debugging mishaps in the network.
  • False positive elimination through advanced heuristics, safe-exploitation and rigorous manual audits.
  • TechDefence shall support through your mitigation life cycle.
  • External auditors and top management can always rely and be content by proving that the initiative for best security system is in place has been.

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