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Mobile application technology has been on a stellar growth since last decade. The business and communication now completely thrives on mobile applications.
Handling of such application over one of the largest user base is a crucial task at hand. When confidential information is being transacted using such mobile application environment, special care needs to be taken before it reaches out to anyone in the huge ether space.
Mobile application penetration testing gives the best platform for businesses to grow in both axis of security and trending. Because, being with the trend is of utmost importance for quick and reliable data. But simultaneously, one should be always safe and secure.

Our Approach:

Mobile application penetration testing involves a rigorous and thorough approach as never seen before. TechDefence generates a targeted attack as an outsider, and penetrates with searching for loopholes from strategy business viewpoint as well as technicalities which have been in existence for potential threats.
TechDefence approach is simple and lucid. Application testing tool and manual expert testing professionals work hand in hand to trigger the attacks and simultaneously record the score of vulnerabilities. TechDefence high end sleuthing engraves deep inside the mobile applications and generates loopholes right from the roots.


We provide summary and testing reports along with the following deliverables:

  • Mobile application will be robust and secure as you make quickest business transactions on the go.
  • A confidence, established in organization of a secure and trending system in place with international compliance.
  • Application developed with highest security standards engulfs trust from partners and stake holders.
  • External auditors and top management can always rely and be content by proving that the initiative for best security system is in place has been taken.
  • Our penetration testing will scour through your application environment to even identify potential risks and take necessary actions.

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